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As its core activity, on the teaching and training activity, in College of Business and Economics both undergraduate and graduate programs do exist well over a significant period and with a considerable contribution to the country’s human capital accumulation and growth especially in areas of Business and Economics.

Established in 2001 as the Faculty of Management Sciences and Economics, our college has been steadily expanding. In line with our vision and considering the growing demand for qualified and well-trained business professionals, our college launched degree programs in Accounting and finance, Business management and Economics, both regular and extension programs in 2002. The college started a new under graduate training program in Tourism Management in the academic year 2003/2004. Our University was the first university in Ethiopia to launch Tourism Management degree program. In 2005, launched Marketing Management as the fifth undergraduate degree program. In 2016/17 it has added Logistics and Supply chain management to its profile as the 7th department. In addition, the senate has approved the lunching of BA degree programs in Public Administration and Development Management and General Business Education in the Academic Year 2017/18.

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