No Name of investigator Article title Journal
1 Dr. AssegidDemissieShishigu WASTEFUL MANAGERIAL PRACTICES AND  ITS EFFECT ON EMPLOYEE ATTITUDE TO THEIR  ORGANIZATION University-eJournal of Interdisciplinary Research (AU-eJIR)  Vol. 1, Issue 2,:31-40
2 DrAssegidDemissie Assessment of Followers’ Satisfaction with their Supervisors: The effect of Wasteful Management Practices Vishwakarma Business Review, Vishwakarma Institute of Management, Vol VI, Issue 2:23-29
3 DrAssegidDemissie The Association of Corporate Governance with Employees’ Organizational Silence(A case of University of Gondar) Research Journal of Social science &Management;         >                RJSSM: Volume: 06,          Number:                05,:50-57
4 DrAsegidDemissie The Opportunity and Challenges of Trade and Investment in Africa Bonfiring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Vo..6,Special Issue:1-4
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6 EniyeDargieNega, GudayAbejeMossie,&AssegidDemissieShishigu An Assessment of Barriers of Micro And Small Businesses Encountering in their Business Start-Up (A case of North Gondar zone), Research Journal of Economics and Business Studies,Vol.06,02:43-49  December,2016).
7 SisayYehualaGolla,, GenanewAgitewBirhanu,, Dr. AssegidDemissieShishigu Job Satisfaction and its Determinants among Development Agents (The case of North Gondar Zone: Amhara Region, Ethiopia), Research Journal of Social science &Management;            >RJSSM:Volume:       06,            Number:09,:1-7 (January,2017).
8 YilakAlamrew, TemesgenAndualem, and AssegidDemssie  Job Satisfaction and Employees’ Intention to Leave Organizations (A Study on Gondar Poly Technical College)   Research Journal of Social science &Management;                        RJSSM:Volume:06,            Number:09,:102-107 (Jan,2017).
9 DemisAlamirewGetahun Common Leadership Practices and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A study of North West Region Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation MANAGEMENT TODAY -for a better tomorrow An International Journal of Management Studies home page: Vol.8, No.2, April-June 2018
10 DemisAlamirewGetahun Locus of Control & Its Effect on Entrepreneurial Development among Final Year Students of College ofBusiness& Economics ETHIOPIAN JOURNAL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS (EJBME)Volume 2 Number 1 June 2019
11 BelachewYibeyin The Effectof GSCMpractices onorganizationalperformance”:The effect of entrepreneurial education and previous business experience on entrepreneurial intention   RJSSM   RJEBS  
12 TadiloSinitayehu DeterminatesofValue Chainperformance ofMicroandSmallManufacturingEnterprises’Challenges and opportunities economic sectors investment in Tigray region, Ethiopia RJSSM     RJEBS